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Which meat Portion is the tastiest?

As much as Indians are obsessed with cricket, we are also crazy for the good ol' mutton. The word mutton comes from the Latin word multo, which was the word for any make sheep.

According to the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, we rank number one as the producers of the goat population.

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Mutton has been publicized to sound like bad meat, but in reality it is better in texture and that is the reason it's easier for the spices to penetrate deep within the meat which is responsible for the deeper taste. It is more mature and richer in texture and that is the reason why ribs are more tasteful than leg pieces and make it a perfect choice for autumnal curries or stew. When compared to chicken chops, mutton chops are lower in calories.

When compared to lamb, mutton has a deeper taste. The lamb has not had the time to develop much flavor and thus it tastes grassy, milder and faint. Mutton on the other hand, is older sheep and has more fat and muscles.

Mutton is rich in vitamin B-12 and it's necessary for producing healthy red blood cells. It's also rich in Iron and Zinc that help in building a healthy immune system. The Potassium found in it helps in keeping the blood pressure in check, keeping the skin healthy and heals wounds. Along with it, mutton contains Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Manganese and Selenium- these are all great for your health!

It's also protein-rich and the low content of saturated fatty acids make it even a healthier choice.

Not all muttons taste the same. It depends on various factors, like farming, breeding and handling and origin of the goat. There's a vast potential for the mutton industry if produced more mindfully and diversely.

Be sure you buy fresh mutton that's been properly bred and handled. While buying meat from the shop or the store, check for the cuts: they tell more about the quality and texture than anything. Go for clean uniform cuts. Stay away from the jagged cuts, they scream low grade quality. Also check for grains of the meat. You can check for muscle fibres, Lots of fibres mean lots of flavours. The meat will also be more tender when cooked.

It's very important to consume the right type of mutton and it's equally important to buy the right mutton portion to cook a particular dish. You can't cook a good steak without good loin chops. Similarly, for a good kaleji fry, without a good mutton liver.

Now, you can order fresh mutton online from Debon. We have a wide variety of mutton available online, like mutton mince, mixed mutton, mutton chops, boneless mutton, paya etc at an insanely low price. So you can order and cook your favourite mutton dishes at the comfort of your home.

Don't be a sheep. Eat more mutton!

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