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A guide for choosing fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Noida/ Delhi NCR

We live in a country where we all are surrounded with enormous amounts of colourful fruits and vegetables lined in every marketplace known as ‘Subzi Mandi’.

We all have grown up watching our ‘Mummy ji’ effortlessly pick fresh, delicious vegetables and fruits for us. At times, when mom wasn’t around, we’ve removed withered greens from the fridge and wondered where it all went wrong.

exotic vegetables in Noida

As we grew up and started buying fresh fruits and vegetables for ourselves and our families, we came to know that buying fruits and vegetables is not as simple as buying chips and chocolates. It’s an art in which every Indian mom is an aficionado though their bargaining skill with ‘Subzi wale bhaiya’ was on next level which we obviously don’t have.

Anyways let’s look into some easy steps through which we can choose fresh vegetables & fruits for our delicious meals.


Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables is the foremost and most important step. Because it’s the way nature responds on it’s own according to the natural conditions like temperature, water requirement, sunlight etc. It means that you are eating what is best, fresh & healthiest at that particular season.

Well, if you are looking for garden fresh fruits and vegetables in Noida and Delhi NCR then your search is over. You can visit our store Debon or you can directly order your favourite fruits and vegetables online.


Don’t tempt the glossy or shiny finish of the product. Size really doesn’t matter either. Usually it is medium-sized vegetables and fruits that are colorful but not Photoshop-worthy are your best bet. Leafy vegetables should be fresh and green, that is, they should be soothing to the eyes; without yellowing on the edges or outsides.

TIP: Don’t be afraid of marks and spots. It just means your vegetables and fruits were properly grown in the most natural way possible and are ripening naturally as well. Bananas, in particular, are always more flavourful when they are having slight spots in them.

You can find natural, garden fresh & exotic fruits & vegetables for eg: fresh broccoli, red & yellow capsicum, basil leaves, blueberry, bok choy etc which are grown as naturally as possible in our Noida outlet.


One of the most important things while handling fruits and vegetables is that ‘Firmness’ should be there in them.

  1. Apples, tomatoes, bananas and cabbage are all better when they are firm or tender in the case of fruits like pears. You can check it by slightly squeezing them.
  2. Leafy vegetables should be crisp and springy to the touch. You must also watch    out for the difference between firm and ripe, and hard and unripe.
  3. Melons, pumpkins and other watery veggies like bottle gourd should ideally be heavy, with a full water kind of feeling.
  4. Brinjals should be light in weight and cabbages should not have holes in them as it indicates the presence of vegetable eater insects.


This is probably one of the most important tests for checking the freshness of fruits and vegetables. It is a skill that takes time to develop. Do you remember the story of our mom? Yeah she is an expert in this.

While it is easy to distinguish the smells of fruits & vegetables like bananas and coriander, which have a strong aroma; But the same is difficult and less possible with uncut apples. However, a good thumb rule should be to choose produce that has a fragrant smell i.e fresh and aromatic smell like in the case of melons, and earthy in the case of potatoes. The produce that has no smell or smells like its packaging, is not the best option.

Bonus Tip: If you want to buy fruits & vegetables in advance, choose fruits and veggies with fainter aromas; these will ripen in time. You can also wrap it with newspaper to fast forward it’s ripening process time.

And if you have already purchased them and wanted to slow down their process of ripening, put it in a plastic net and then preserve it in the fruit basket of the fridge.

Important signs to watch out for while buying fresh fruits and vegetables:

Fruit that is too soft in spots, where you can feel the pits from the skin should be avoided.

  1. The dark spots that are too wide or too many in number like in cabbage, onions Bruises and inflicted dents are also best avoided.
  2. Fruits and vegetables that are too hard – this might not ripen in time, or at all.
  3. Any blackening or yellowing of the product that isn’t part of the produce’s natural colour spectrum, try to avoid that too.

 You must be wondering where to buy that kind of fruits and vegetables on which even our parents don’t raise objections?

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