Which food is best in summer?

While it's scorching heat outside, our bodies get dehydrated and all the energy drains out. It's very likely for us to fall sick and ignoring this can put our health at risk. The major symptoms of getting hit by summer weather is dehydration and low energy levels. It's important to take extra care during summers. Thus, it's very important to know what to eat in summer to keep our bodies cool and consume food to keep our bodies hydrated and take in food to keep our bodies cool.

By following the right lifestyle, we can surely beat the heat.

Eating right and drinking plenty of water and liquids can save you from the hazardous effects of the rising levels of mercury.

Below is a list of top 10 summer foods best foods for summer heat that are hydrating and cooling in nature that will keep your vitals going:

1- Cucumber

 What more can you ask for on a hot summer day than a fresh, crunchy bite of cucumber? Put it on your salad, or grate it to put it in your buttermilk. Cucumbers are made up of around 96% water – that's the highest water content of any food. They're also low in calories, and a source of vitamins and fibre, all the more reason to add it to your diet this summer.

2- Beetroots

 The internet went crazy when a famous actress told about the secret behind her beauty! Sweet, simple beets. They taste earthy, so it could take some time for people to acquire the taste. Smooth red surfaces and have a distinctive smell to them.

Beets are rich in Nitrates, so they help lower the blood pressure. Add it to your salad, raw or boiled, this tastes good as is. It is very easy to experiment with as well! You can add it to your parathas or curries, the humble beet will go with anyone.

Beat the heat, or should we say beet the heat?

3- Bell Peppers

While you can find bell peppers all year round, summer is the best time to have those fresh, in-season recipes. Bell peppers easily go with almost anything- pastas to salads to stuffed stir fries or baked! 

Bell peppers are low in calories. So you don't have to worry about adding anything heavy to your diet. They're hydrating and loaded with antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron and heal wounds.


While we're still confused whether this should be called a vegetable or a fruit, the health benefits of tomatoes are clear as day! Loaded with vitamin C, A and K, they are splendid superfoods in summers! They are the best foods for summer heat.

Flavor your coolers with them or just put the diced tomatoes to your salads or parfait, they're ready to go with everything. Tomatoes are 95% water, which make them a great source of hydration and cooling in summers. They're as good to be applied on a sunburnt skin as they have cooling effects.

Be sure to add tomatoes to your plate!

5- Bottle Gourd

Last to our list but its nutrient content keeps it so high on the list. It's popularly called lauki in India.

Along with a high water content, lauki is high in calcium. It has been an age-old home remedy for treating high stomach issues, and checking cholesterol and sugar levels in the body.

It has a long shelf life and is a good addition to the curries, fritters and buttermilk.

Also, add plenty of fruits like watermelon, mangoes to your diet as they are not only rich in minerals and antioxidants but also very, very hydrating. They are healthy food for summers. Drink lots of water and healthy fluids, too. 

While we know what foods to add to our diet, we should also know what foods to avoid in summer. Eating these foods during summer can make you dehydrated and sick:

6- Coffee

You will feel thirsty because caffeinated beverages, particularly coffee, which is a diuretic, cause you to urinate frequently. We all enjoy coffee, and it has become a regular part of our lives. However, one should be aware that caffeine increases blood flow to the kidneys, encouraging them to flush out more water, which causes frequent urination and additional water loss from the body, which may result in dehydration.

 7- High Protein food

Additionally, eating a lot of protein will dehydrate you. The natural nitrogen included in protein requires more water for the body to metabolise, which causes considerable water loss in cells and a feeling of dehydration.

8- Dark Chocolate

Compared to milk chocolate and white chocolate, dark chocolate has more caffeine. Dark chocolate consumption in excess can cause dehydration, a faster heartbeat, diarrhoea, anxiety, irritability, and anxiety. 

It's also advisable to stay indoors and not go out in the heat as much as possible. But this is no excuse to not have healthy foods in summers. Not to worry, we have got you covered. You can order vegetables from Debon that will deliver fresh vegetables at your convenience and doorstep within no time. Stay healthy, eat fresh!

Let us know which food you eat mainly in summer to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. We would love to know according to you, which vegetable is best to eat in summer season.

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