10 Benefits of Chicken That Will Change Your Life

After every 10 km the religion, culture & cuisines get changed in India so is with chicken. Different regions of India consist of a multitude of recipes for eating chicken. From chicken soup to chicken curry & chicken tikka, every other form of chicken meat is loved throughout India.

The chicken is not only about the taste, but there are sample benefits of eating chicken, as follows.

Relieves Stress:- The chicken contains two nutrients i.e tryptophan & Vitamin B5 which are known as stress-relieving nutrients. The nutrients increase dopamine levels in our body which are knowns as the ‘happiness hormone’.

Helps to build muscle:- Chicken is famous for having one of the best sources of protein. Its low-fat content & high amount of protein makes it one of the best choices for meat lovers like you & me. A 100g serving of roasted chicken offers you 31g of protein, making it great for those who want to bulk up and build ‘Schwarzenegger’ muscles.

Reduces PMS Syndrome:- The magnesium nutrient in the chicken helps to soothe the symptoms of Pre-Menstrual syndrome and can help to reduce symptoms like stress, depression, mood swings, etc.

Helps to boost immunity:- A study evaluation states that the hot chicken soup inhibits the migration of a certain type of neutrophil( a type of immune cell) which helps in boosting the immune system. Moreover, the hot effect of chicken soup is used as the home remedy for relieving cold, flu & other respiratory diseases.

Weight loss:- Lean meat contains very fewer amount fats & is filled with high protein which is a perfect & scrumptious choice to include in your weight loss diet.

Keep our bones healthy:- Consuming chicken not only helps in weight loss or muscle building but it also does helps in making your bones strong as it contains a good amount of phosphorus & calcium that keeps our bones healthy & intact.

Helps to boost testosterone levels:- Chicken also contains a good amount of zinc which is known to boost testosterone levels & increase sperms production in males.

Promotes heart health:- Chicken is rich in vitamin B6 which plays a very important role in preventing heart attack by lowering levels of homocysteine. Besides, chicken is also a good source of niacin that helps to lower our cholesterol levels, which is a risk factor for heart disease development.

Contains Anti-Cancer Properties:- People eating red meat has been seen with increased risk of various illnesses, especially cancer. However, people eating fish and chicken meat have fewer chances of developing cancer.

Good for healthy skin:- Regular consumption of chicken helps to naturally replenish your skin health. Chicken livers contain Vitamin B2 which is commonly known as riboflavin, which drastically reduces skin problems while at the same time also helping to repair damaged skin or dry skin.

FAQs about chicken delivery & safety

Fresh chicken store near me?
The best place is where you get juicy, tender, fresh & safe chicken to munch on. Well, Debon’s meat does have all qualities and moreover, it is halal certified too.

Price of 1kg of good quality chicken meat?
You can buy 1kg of good quality chicken at just a nominal price of Rs. 360.

3) Where can I order chicken online in Delhi or Delhi NCR?
Though there are countless sites available where meats can be ordered online, none match the quality of Debon.

4) Is it safe to order meat online?
Yes, it is safe to order meat online. As the meat is processed, cleaned, and delivered while maintaining the precautionary measure & we strive to provide one of the best online meat delivery in Noida.

5) How to order chicken online for delivery?
The first step towards ordering chicken online is to head to www.debon.co.in. Here you can choose the category of meat you want to order. After clicking on the category of meat, you can choose various options for chicken. Click on “select option” and then “add to cart”. Now go to “my cart” then click on “proceed to checkout”. Pay your nominal price and now, wait for the meatilicious moment.

6) Where can I find free delivery meat online in Noida?
You can find free delivery meat here with us on the orders of above Rs. 1

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