Chicken Sriracha Ginger Tikka

Rs. 231.00
Rs. 231.00
    • No. of Pieces: 07-09 ( 500 gms ) 
    • The first thing that comes to mind when you think of non vegetarian snack is chicken tikka. We bring to you this new dish of chicken tikka with a twist, Chicken Sriracha Ginger Tikka. This dish gives a fresh new twist to the otherwise mundane chicken tikka. Prepared using a plethora of spices, this dish looks and smells as good as it tastes.
    • Loved by people of all ages, chicken sriracha ginger tikka is the best dish to serve to leave an impression on your guests. This North Indian dish can be enjoyed on birthday parties, kitty parties, game night, family dinners and various other events.
    • If you are a hard core non vegatarian who enjoys a variety of non veg recipes, you surely will not miss this one. Try the recipe once and we assure you that you’ll be a fan forever.
    • This dish provides you with the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. The dish gives you a wholesome portion of protein, vitamins, minerals as well as dietary fibres. If you want to become the star of the evening, this is the best dish to show off your culinary skills.
    • We can guarantee that you will enjoy making dish this as much as you will enjoy consuming it. So, get started, gather the ingredients and serve this delicious dish to all your guests leaving them wanting more.
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